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Tell story, Win $1000

To our customers: We’v been insist on selling the best headlamp, we have sold many headlamps overworld in the past few years, we’v been met all kinds of people on Internet and this make our unexceptional life become more wonderful.Come to think of it, it’s really an amazing thing, though we never been met each other, […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and answers are collected from our customers. 1.Where plug in charger ? -There is a little rubber cap on the back of the battery case that says DC.Gently pull it to the side.You will see a little jack hole where you plug in the power jack.  2.How long do the batteries last? -The […]

What our customers say

The Irontria team is always listening to the comments and feedback from our customers and viewers. Nothing delights us more than getting amazing testimonials, but we also take constructive feedback very seriously too. The whole Irontria team feels incredibly humbled to receive lots of amazing comments about our products and service – so we’d like […]