Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and answers are collected from our customers.
1.Where plug in charger ?
-There is a little rubber cap on the back of the battery case that says DC.Gently pull it to the side.You will see a little jack hole where you plug in the power jack.
 2.How long do the batteries last?
-The one I have has lasted for 5 hours underground caving and I didn’t notice the lights dim at all. I do enjoy that I can charge it with a usb. I am still trying to push its limits after fully charged.
-I’ve had them last up to 6 hrs running just the two outer lamps. The light was bright and the head lamp was comfortable to wear.
 3.Can it be worn on hard hat ?
-Yes,the headlamp could be worn on hard hat.
 4.Is it waterproof ?
-Waterproof level: IP65
This headlamp is waterproof, designed to withstand raindrops or water drops.However, it cannot be used under water, please not submerge it in water or other liquid. Do not use in heavy rain.
 5.Can this light be used while the batteries are being charged?
-You’d better not.
 6. How could i know when the headlamp it’s fully charged?
The smile face light on the USB Charging Charger Cable Cord will from yellow turn into green when fully charged.
 7.I just receive my headlamp, why it cannot charge?
-Please remove the plastic wrapp off the batteries when you first charge.

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